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Coursework Overview

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Students complete 10-11 units of Notation-specific coursework in PWR along with 3-5 additional units in the student’s area of study. These units can also count toward the student’s major requirements. 

Required Coursework

To receive the notation, students must take the following courses:

Notation in Science Communication:

Notation in Cultural Rhetorics:

Continue reading for more information about the required courses for PWR Notation students. 

ePortfolio Preparation Courses

PWR offers two courses in ePortfolio preparation that bookend a student's PWR Notation experience.

PWR 99A: Portfolio Preparation I

PWR 99ANSC/NCR is a 1-unit course introducing ePortfolios and folio thinking for students in the PWR Notations. The course will assist students in designing an ePortfolio and in selecting and reflecting on work samples that represent student learning. This is the first of a two-part ePortfolio requirement for the PWR Notations. It should be taken as early in the student’s Notation program as possible, and no later than spring quarter of junior year.

PWR 99B: Portfolio Preparation II

PWR 99BNSC/NCR is a 2-unit course that supports graduating PWR Notations students in building their final ePortfolios in preparation for the Spring evaluation process. Students will focus on key portfolio elements — reflection, storytelling, and visual design — to best highlight their skills and learning through their Notation program.

Notation Gateway Courses

Notation students take a gateway course to introduce them to fundamental principles needed to complete their Notation program. Each class is 4 units and should be taken early on in a student’s Notation program, if possible. The gateway courses are offered at least once every academic year.

Poster advertising 194NCR with graffiti background

Notation in Cultural Rhetorics students take PWR 194NCR: Introduction to Cultural Rhetorics


Poster advertising 91NSC with scientific icons around text

Notation in Science Communication students take PWR 91NSC: Introduction to Science Communication

Notation Elective Courses

Students are required to take two elective courses as part of their Notation, one offered by PWR and one offered by a non-PWR department or program.

PWR offers elective courses for Notation students every year in both cultural rhetorics (CR) and science communication (SC) tracks. These courses are open to all students, not just those in the PWR Notations.

Students can choose a non-PWR elective offered by other programs or departments on campus. The course must have a communication focus and provide students with the opportunity to produce an artifact they can include in their ePortfolio (i.e. written paper, oral presentation, multimedia project).

For more information about elective courses, visit the specific pages for each Notation, linked below.

Questions? Reach out to the NCR ( or NSC ( teams for more information.