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About the Notation in Cultural Rhetorics

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In today's world, it's increasingly important that we consider the ways that language, rhetoric, and ideas operate across cultures and traditions.  As part of the Notation in Cultural Rhetorics, you'll have the opportunity to complement coursework you might already be doing in CSRE, AAAS, FemGen, and other majors, through focused exploration of the rhetorical theories and practices related to gender and the Latinx, Black, Indigenous, Asian, Asian-American, queer, and activist communities.  You'll also have the opportunity to develop your own strategies for effective intercultural communication that you can use within and across communities.

Why complete a Notation in Cultural Rhetorics?

The NCR emphasizes the rhetorical traditions and practices of communities of color that have not always been foregrounded in rhetorical study, as well as examinations of ways race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality bear on rhetorical production and reception.

The NCR offers students from all disciplines an opportunity to develop their awareness of culturally situated rhetorical traditions and practices and their communication skills across diverse audiences and contexts through a combination of coursework, advising, and reflection; ultimately their accomplishment will be noted on their official transcripts.

The Notation offers three crucial opportunities for students who pursue it:

  • The opportunity to enhance advanced culturally-informed and cross-disciplinary writing and oral presentation abilities
  • The opportunity to develop a wider range of cross-cultural and inter-cultural communication strategies and insights (e.g., understanding the challenges of demonstrating inter-cultural communications expertise to colleagues and wider public and professional audiences 
  • The opportunity to demonstrate to prospective graduate programs or employers a commitment to and expertise in culturally-informed communication

NCR Learning Outcomes

Through the Notation, students will develop as communication specialists capable of writing and presenting in clear, culturally-aware, and compelling ways to a range of audiences, learning to shape argument, content, and style in varied situations and in many genres. Students will also develop collaborative problem-solving skills and strategies for communication across media.

In keeping with its commitment to provide students with the best writing curriculum possible, the NCR draws upon the standards for effective cross-cultural and inter-cultural communication described in recent scholarship in rhetoric journals including College Composition and Communication, Enculturation, and JAC as well as the standards for ePortfolios established by the Conference on College Composition and Communication. We would also work with faculty across the campus to develop standards stemming from principles about effective communication considered most important at Stanford.


Questions? Reach out to the NCR team ( for more information.