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Notation Advising

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Students are mentored through the Notation by two advisors: one from PWR and one from a disciplinary department. Advisors support students as they choose Notation classes and develop and revise their ePortfolios.

Finding Notation Advisors

Notation students are responsible for finding their own advisors upon entering the Notation program.

PWR advisors must be instructors in the PWR program. Students looking for a PWR advisor should consider asking their PWR 1 or PWR 2 instructor, someone that they have worked with at the Hume Center, or an instructor who shares similar academic interests. You can find out more about PWR instructors on the Instructor Profiles page.

Faculty advisors should be someone from a student's major or a related discipline. Students looking for a Faculty advisor should consider asking their major advisor, research advisor, or an instructor from a course in their major. 

Submitting Advisor Information

Students can submit advisor information to their Notations Team, using the email addresses below:

Meeting with your Advisors

Students should plan to meet with their advisors at least once per academic year to discuss their progress in their Notation program, coursework, and ePortfolio. Try to schedule a meeting during your advisor's office hours, or for PWR advisors, through Hume.

Resources for Notation Advisors

Information about the advisor role can be found in the For Advisors section of the website. Potential advisors may also be interested in learning about the ePortfolio requirement and reviewing the ePortfolio Archive


Questions? Reach out to the NCR ( or NSC ( teams for more information.